Patty D.

“I was apprehensive about getting “permanent” cosmetics and the pain. Saechelle put me at eas as soon as I arrived.  I had complete confidence in her as soon as we met.  She explained everything to me, suggested the best shape and color for my brows, and penciled them in to show me how the design would look.  Saechelle did not rush, she spent the time with me and made sure I was completely satisfied. I now have awesome eyebrows, she did such a great job and they look so natural.”

Jackie J.

“You can tell right away that this is her passion. She really takes the time to make your work custom to you. I was very impressed with her work, and I absolutely love my brows.”

Patrick G.

“Saechelle is a Rockstar!  I came to see her a few years ago for scalp SMP and Im so glad I did! After going thru many hair restoration procedures that never seemed to deliver on there promises of a natural look, especially on the hairline. I turned to Saechelle for her experience and artistry.  Her talents in tandem with my past procedures finally gave me the results I had been looking for all a long.  I am truly grateful and I highly recommend Saechelle Colleran for any and ALL your SMP needs! A++” 

Edward M.

“Saechelle’s customer servce and industry knowledge is second to none. I give both Saechelle and Look Natural my highest recommendation.”

Pam M.

“Saechelle is absolutely the best at what she does. I had my eyebrows done for the first time by her and what a difference it made. She takes so much time to make them perfect for your face. She helped me with skin care too. She is such a kind person as well as talented. I am so happy she is back in business after taking time off to get married. Cant wait to go back to her.”

Jenifer H.

“Saechelle is absolutely amazing! My brows are super light and I have fair skin, I also pull a lot of warmth! She made my brows look so natural and created the perfect color for my skin tone! She is super professional and listens to all your needs and will also steer you in the right direction. She is the only person I trust! I look forward to my visits with her.”

Talia D.

“Ive been seeing Saechelle to get my brows done for many years.  I’m so thankful Saechelle is continuing to provide this service I don’t know who else I would trust! Not only is her artistry top notch, but she is very instinctual way of knowing just how much pressure to apply so your comfortable throughout the entire procedure. Would highly recommend this service over microblading.”

Amanda H.

“Saechelle is amazing with brow restoration. I have really light skin and thin blondish eyebrow hair that is really sparse so you cant hardly see my brows without makeup.  Saechelle did a consultation with me to help me figure out what shape and color depth would look the best on me. I was nervous about getting a semi-permanent makeup procedure but it was such a great decision. My brows look likght and natural and I don’t have to sepent time every day on brow make up.  I can still add make up for more dramatic look sometimes, which is perfect.  My friends are so surprised when I tell them I have had brow restoration because you really cant tell it isn’t natural."

Jackie C.

“I cant believe what a difference eyebrows make! I am so happy with this service.  I was completely at ease with Saechelle, se understood exactly what I wanted and took so much time with me to draw, redraw, measure, and explain each step of the procedure. What a talented artist she is! Today is the fourth day after my visit and I haven’t had any problems and am excited each morning to see the subtle changes in my eyebrows as they heal! I was a little afraid to make such a long lasting change but I  am so glad I did! Now I reach for my toothbrush first thing each morning rather than my eyebrow pencil! Im 65 years old and my face looks younger with the added definition – really! Im o glad I did this, Thank you Saechelle!"

Rob J.

I highly recommend Saechelle! You can tell she wants you to feel comfortable and confident with how you look. She is a true artist. I look and feel younger.

Susan K

At 51, my brows have thinned over the years and lost much of their definition. I went to Saechelle to have permanent tattooing done to bring back the definition I was missing. I'm so pleased with my results! Saechelle took the time to find out what the "end look" I wanted was as she adjusts her technique to create a specific look. She used several colors and very fine tattoo lines to create realistic an attractive brows. The end result is a marked improvement over penciling in brows myself – plus it saves me time getting ready! Thank you Saechelle!!!