Men’s Brow Restoration


Yes men need and do brow restoration procedures too!  In fact more and more men are starting to realize the importance of eyebrows, and are starting to seek out cosmetic restoration services to enhance and give back that element of youth.   Just like women men experience sparse and unruly brows.  For years male actors and celebrities have been doing cosmetic tattooing to improve their appearance, and highlight their features.  Brow micropigmentation can be the best solution for a man who has thin or unsymmetrical brows, superficial scarring, hair loss, trichotillomania, or Alopecia.

This semi permanent technique is achieved using nano needle technology.  Men require a different approach in order to design that conservative masculine look.  The technique involves strategically drawing and placing each individual hair one by one to either back fill brow for density or to add definition to enhance shape.

Our technique is known as nano needle technology, which is the most advanced technology for emulating hair.  It is done with a calibrated digital machine, and single disposable ultra fine needle.   Some artistry can use different needle lengths and diameter thickness to mimic texture and blend in with surrounding brow hair. All procedures are done with a a specialized semi-permanent pigment that is designed to fade over time, keeping the artistry malleable as you age.  This technique is ideal for hiding spot hair loss or building back both brows in their entirety.  Each hair is drawn in slowly one by one using this rotary modality, which is the safest method for hair simulation for all skin types, and delivers the most natural ultra fine hair strokes that actually emulate real brow hair.


Men now have the option of restoring the fullness back to their brows that blends in with their natural brow hair giving them more definition and youthful appearance.   Back filling behind the brow hair will give the brow density and color so that the artistry is seamless. The best part about it is no one will ever know that you had them done!





  •  Avoid Caffeine, alcohol, Aspirin, or Ibuprofen 24 hours before your appointment.
  • Avoid doing Botox injections 2 weeks prior to your appointment
  • Discontinue using Vitamin E, Fish oil, and any other blood thinning products a week before your appointment.
  • Discontinue using Vitamin A or Retinol products at least weeks prior to your brow appointment.
  • Inform your technician of any allergies, medical conditions, and medications prior to your appointment


All Semi Permanent Cosmetics is done with semi-permanent pigment – which is designed to fade on all skin types. A person’s physiology, metabolism, and lifestyle can be a factor in how they retain color.  Hair simulation and design is a mastered artistic technique to emulate and simulate real hair.  This intradermal procedure can cause different healing time and responses. It is important to follow our post care procedure recommendations to ensure optimum pigment retention and to prevent risk of infection or delayed healing. Here are some important guidelines to follow to help protect your color and your investment.

Care instructions for the day of your appointment: Blot your brows (do not rub) with a clean tissue to absorb excess lymph fluid, before applying thin layer of ointment.  Apply ointment every 4-5 hours – clean by blotting with a clean tissue with medium pressure between each application.

Next day after your appointment Gently rinse your eyebrows with gentle soap or mild cleanser (Cetaphil, Dial, baby shampoo).  To dry gently pat dry with a clean tissue.  Once brows are cleansed, apply ointment to dry skin.  Do not apply ointment to moist or wet skin.

  1. Application: Apply ointment 3-4 times a day – for a week. Do not use Neosporin.  (Apply ointment with a clean cotton swab, and lightly massage a small grain of rice amount of ointment on to brows until its completely absorbed. If you see ointment layered on the skin, you have applied too much. Do not over apply ointment, this does not allow the skin to breath and can delay healing. However, it is important to keep brows moist during the healing process so that the body does not over exfoliate the pigment. Use an unscented baby wipe or tissue to blot clean in between applications.
  2. Showers: You can take a shower but limit time and heat to prevent steam and too much heat to the brow area. When washing your face or hair be mindful to wash around your brows, and do not submerge the artistry in water.*  Please avoid swimming and swimming pools, hot tubs, saunas, and steam rooms for up to 7 days after your appointment.
  1. Exercising: Light workout is fine, but refrain from extreme physical activity and sweating for 72 hours after your appointment.
  2. Make up: Do not use a brow pencil until the brows are fully healed. ( 7 days) Do not spray tan or use make up over eyebrows for 7 days. Topical Cosmetics and some skin care products are not sterile and may cause infection.
  3. Sun Exposure: Stay out of direct sunlight, sunbathing, and or tanning booths. If you are working out in the yard, at the beach or pool, be sure to wear a visor or hat that shields your brows until they are healed.
  4. Issues or Concerns: Consult with your technician or physician if you have ANY signs of infection, which could include fever, green or yellow discharge, or redness around the brow area that persists longer than 24 hours after your appointment.


  1.  Do not be alarmed if your brows appear darker, and or fuller after your appointment – this is normal. Skin responses vary but your skin will settle down quickly. The color will lighten over the next 3-5 days during the healing process.
  2. The skin around the brows could turn slightly pink and look irritated after having this intradermal procedure. This is a normal skin response that usually subsides within the hour, but for some can last up to 24 hours after application of pigment.
  3. If you have sensitive skin you may observe slight swelling around the artistry, which can cause temporary visual asymmetry after procedure until the skin calms down. Extreme sensitivity cases can take up to 24 hours to resolve.
  4. The skin may shed some during the healing process, which can result in fading or pigment loss. Thus, you may see some pigment or skin debris on your cotton swab while applying ointment. Your brows may flake or scab a little during healing – this is normal. Do not pick at your brows, let them naturally exfoliate.
  5. Your brows will appear several shades lighter after healing. Pigment fading and or loss is normal – especially after your initial session. The top layer of the skin is fresh and is muting the pigment.  Your brows are still healing up to 30 days after your appointment – even though the exfoliating has stopped.  It is common that the color will start to return during this time, and to seem slightly sparse in spots, and not dark enough.  This is the time where you will notice that you will need your perfection session, or additional touch ups to refine and reinforce the artistry and color.  Your “perfection session” is your touch up to tweak shape and color.

Long Term After Care

For best results and color retention – Use Sunscreen (SPF 30). Extreme sun exposure will cause premature fading. You can use facial cleansers and moisturizers over the brow artistry, just stay away from products that cause skin exfoliation, such as glycolic and other peeling chemicals, Retin-A, and laser treatments.

Inform your technician or physician of your semi-permanent brows if you are having a laser procedure or MRI or if you are giving blood.