Magnetic lashes offer the perfect alternative to adhesive or costly professional lash extensions. They are quick and easy to apply, and remove. Simply apply the eyeliner and then apply the magnetic lash to the liner and VOILA!

We carry top of the line Tori Belle Cosmetics, designed with high quality ingredients that are hypoallergenic, sustainable, beautiful, and luxurious.  These luxury magnetic lashes are reusable and can be customized to any eye shape.

All you have to pick that perfect and unique style that fits you!


What are Magnetic Lashes? 

Magnetic lashes are the easiest and most popular approach to adding instant volume and length to lashes.  Magnetic lashes come in different styles, and are categorized by eye shape and how they attach to the lid.  The individual lash strips have tiny magnets along the base that attach either to the magnetic eyeliner or magnetic strip anchors that go underneath your natural lashes.  They lightweight and only take a few seconds to apply, and remove. Unlike other magnetic lash brands, our magnetic lashes have 10 micro-magnets on each lash to give you that extra hold for all-day wear with no stress, and no mess.  They are windproof, waterproof, and yes even sweat proof. Traditional adhesive false lashes are great, but can be messy and frustrating to apply and remove.  Lash extensions look amazing, but appointments can be time consuming and can cost a lot of money to start and maintain.  Not to mention the stress and weight you are putting on your natural lashes which can cause irreversible damage over time.  Magnetic lashes offer the perfect alternative to adhesive or costly professional lash extensions.  So if you are looking for every day wear, or want to glam it up for an event you can literally apply these luxurious lash styles instantly without the lash weight, application stress, or mess.  Simply put on your eyeliner and pop on the lash you want to wear. It’s that easy!




The best thing about magnetic lashes is you can instantly change your style.  You can wear your more natural fuller lash during the day, and then glam it up that night for date night, or go even more luxurious for that special event. Unlike professional lash extensions where you are committed to that style for your 3 week lash cycle.  These lashes are versatile and so quick and easy to use.  just add your eyeliner and pop on the lash you want to wear and BOOM! No more messy or sticky adhesives when trying to apply your make up.  Professional lash extensions require long appointment times, and can be expensive to maintain and keep up.  Magnetic lashes are budget friendly, and save time on your daily make up routine.



The first thing you want to do is remove your lashes from the box and put them up to your eye to check the length.  If you feel they are too big or the base is too long for your eye, you can trip them with manicure scissors for that perfect fit. If you do need to trim, make sure you trim them from the outer edge (fuller side) right next to a magnet – making sure that the magnet remains at the very end.  The side with the shorter lash goes on the inner corner of your eye.  Make sure to clean any residual oil or moisturizer off the eyelid before applying magnetic eyeliner.  Line both eyes, and let dry before applying second coat of liner. Once dry apply magnetic lash by attaching the lash to the lid on top of the eyeliner just above your natural lash line.


Are Magnetic Lashes Safe?

 YES!  Since these style of lashes are are sticking to the magnetized eyeliner, and are being supported by the lid versus being attached by sticky glue or supported by the natural lash, they are considered a safer alternative to the traditional adhesive lash or individual lash extensions.   Taking the weight off your natural lash reduces potential risk of traction alopecia (a medical term for hair loss that is caused by repeated pulling or tugging on your hair).  As with any cosmetic product there is always the potential for contact dermatitis or allergy to product itself, in which case you should stop using ASAP.  Other than that you just want to apply and remove gently since lashes are delicate. We offer an eyeliner makeup remover, but you can use any oil based make up remover.

Pros & Cons of Lash Extensions

Semi-Permanent Eyelash Extensions

Professionally applied eyelash extensions are semi-permanent false lashes that are individually glued to your natural lashes by a professional to add lash volume and length.  Lash fills are required to maintain fullness and are scheduled every 3-4 weeks, depending on your lash cycle.

PROS ~Semi-Permanent lashes give that dramatic or naturally fuller look to your existing lashes.  You can wake up and go, and not have to worry about applying lashes into your daily routine.   You can work out, sweat, and get them wet after 24 hours of applying.

CONS~ Semi -permanent eyelash extensions require appointments for professional application, and are expensive to apply and maintain.  Appointments can be time consuming and range from 2- 3.5 hours for a full set, and 1-2 hours for your lash fill. Average initial full sets can range in cost from $175-$300 depending on style and volume, and touch ups range $75-$150 every 3-4 weeks.  Because semi-permanent lashes are attached individually to each lash with an adhesive, this added weight to your natural lash follicle can cause traction alopecia, or temporary/permanent loss of lashes with prolonged use.

False Eyelashes – (Strip Lashes)

Strip lashes, also known as “falsies” are false hairs that are attached to a strip.  This strip of lashes requires a glue adhesive to be applied along the base of lash and then is placed slightly above your lash line to add volume.

PROS~ Strip lashes can give you a natural or full glam look based on preference and can be reused.  These style of lashes reduce impact on natural lashes if applied correctly, because they are not adding “weight” to your natural lash bed.  False strip lashes and glue are inexpensive, and there are many styles to choose from and can be customized to achieve different looks.

CONS ~Strip lashes can be difficult to put on, and can be time consuming and messy, making it challenging to navigate your eye make up for your daily routine.  They cannot get wet and will need to be removed before you go to sleep.  Glue can easily get stuck in your lashes and can rip out natural  lashes if not applied correctly.

Magnetic Eyelash Extensions

There are several styles of magnetic lashes available to give that boost to your lashes.  There are products that you can use with a magnetic mascara or magnetic eyeliner. Most popular and recommended style is the magnetic lash that adheres to the magnetized eyeliner.  This gives you that instant look without putting any weight on your natural lashes.


PROS~ Magnetic Eyelashes are non permanent lash extensions that are quick and easy to apply into your daily routine.    You can achieve versatile looks in the same day if you want to change it up, and it only takes seconds to apply.   Magnetic lash that attach to the eyeliner are the most recommended because they do not add weight to your natural lashes. Magnetic lashes are relatively inexpensive ranging from $26-40 per set, and can be reused for a month or 30+ uses, depending on how you care for your lashes.  Quality lashes can be worn all day, and are windproof and sweat proof.  They are budget friendly, and quick and easy to apply/remove, and can be customized to any eye shape.

CONS~ Magnetic Eyelashes are non-permanent, in that they do require a few seconds to apply into your daily make up routine.  You will need to remove eyeliner with make up remover before going to sleep.




How to Apply Your Lashes

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