About the Artist

Saechelle Colleran

Paramedical Practitioner

Saechelle Colleran is a certified paramedical/cosmetic tattoo artist with 15 years experience in cosmetic tattooing, and has spent the last decade specializing and performing cosmetic hair restoration techniques for both brows and scalp micro-pigmentation.  In addition to completing over 8,500 hair simulation procedures she currently holds multiple master certifications in permanent cosmetics, paramedical artistry, scar relaxation/camouflage, and scalp micro-pigmentation.

Saechelle began her career in the medical industry in 2005 , after receiving her  Bachelors Degree from Kennesaw State University.  Her initial years in pharmaceutical and medical sales permitted her to work directly with patients, surgery centers, and specialty physicians.  These endeavors lead Saechelle into consultative medical sales roles where she represented many of the top Dermatopathologists in the country.  This career path led her affiliation with some of Atlanta’s most renowned Plastic Surgeons, Dermatologists, Medical Spas, and Aetheticians.  The scope of her work included medical and cosmetic education as a resource to physicians, skin care professionals, and residents at Medical College of GA and Emory. It was from this educational perspective that Saechelle found her attention and heart leaning toward patient cosmetic and paramedical aesthetic services.

Saechelle joined her mother’s practice at The Nouveau Clinic in 2008 after being inspired by her mother’s success and passion for paramedical art, as a licensee and completed her apprenticeship training before completing several certification courses as a paramedical cosmetic tattoo artist.  They worked together as a mother-daughter team to pioneer the industry, and were one of the first advocates in their field to offer semi-permanent cosmetic solutions in Atlanta Georgia. This dynamic duo built The Nouveau Clinic to be one of the largest cosmetic restoration clinics in the Southeast.  They both have worked on celebrities, TV personalities, and had people travel in from all over to receive their specialized cosmetic restoration services.

Saechelle has been featured in Jezebel, Atlanta and Best Self Magazine, as well as having several appearances on TV morning show Atlanta & Company. She has worked and trained with the best in New York, Atlanta, Tampa, Boca Raton, and Los Angeles – as well as having the opportunity to work alongside with some of the most world renowned tattoo artists in the industry.


As an award winning artist and experienced technician she has built a confident understanding of all the variables of the skin and the methods of artistry.  Hair simulation requires a high degree of artistic skill to assess underlying skin tones to create the correct color shade and 3D artistry effect. Saechelle has a true gift for performing intricate art, and has been perfecting her hair simulation skills over the last decade to create the most natural look for both men and women.

“I absolutely love what I do! The ultimate reward is seeing my clients light up after a procedure.  I love that I can be an artist and offer such a wonderful service and solution for my clients. I truly believe that it is more than just a cosmetic procedure, it can be life changing, and help people truly feel better about themselves.  It is the exact reason why I got into this industry, and why I fell in love with doing realism artistry techniques. ”  – Saechelle Colleran, CDT






Evie Delaney

Paramedical Practitioner

Evie Delaney, former founder of The Nouveau Clinic, is affiliated with some of Atlanta’s most renowned plastic surgeons, dermatologists, hormone specialists, and laser medi-clinical salons. Evie is a master technician and artist who has made many appearances on Atlanta & Company morning show where she educated on skin care and paramedical services she offered at The Nouveau Clinic.Evie has now joined her daughters practice at Look Natural to resume her passion as a permanent make up artist. Combined this dynamic duo have completed over 15,000 procedures.

She currently holds advanced certifications in all facets of cosmetic and medical tattooing, and is a specialist in the paramedical arts.  In 2011, Evie began development of her own Skin Care Line, called Nouveau Skin. Evie is a 15-year Master Level Apprentice, under John Hashey, former owner of the School of Permanent Cosmetics and Paramedical Tattooing. She was awarded an Industry award for Best Permanent Makeup Artists in the United States by her peers in 2011.


Evie has now joined her daughters practice at Look Natural to resume her passion as a permanent make up artist. Combined this dynamic duo have completed over 15,000 procedures.  Evie Delaney’s love of art and beauty began early in her life with formal art training and a “Who’s Who New Artist Scholarship” awarded to her freshman year in college. After leaving college, Evie chose to pursue her interest in the arts by exploring business opportunities in the cosmetics and beauty industry. In 1978, she completed training as a clinical Aesthetician and Professional Makeup Artist, under Judith Sans International. Her affinity for color and cosmetics led her to pursue additional freelance apprenticeships in stage and theater make up and cosmetic fashion makeovers.  Within two years, she was studying and working independently in New York, Miami, and Atlanta as a freelance platform make up artist. As an educator and artist, her model makeover work has been featured in beauty industry trade magazines; at beauty conferences; in newspapers, and on television.

Ultimately, the love of the beauty industry brought her full circle, and she found an ideal way to blend her background experiences in cosmetics, art, and business into a rewarding new career in revolutionary field of Paramedical Aesthetics, with sub-specialities in natural scar therapies and permanent cosmetics.  Her specialities include: Ethnic skin, Alopecia and Trichotilomania, brow enhancements and lip enhancements including cleft palette camouflage.